BBC Village Screen, Glastonbury

As Head of Digital Arts at Broadway, I was asked to curate a programme of film to contribute to the creative content for the BBC Big Screen located at Camp Pilton, Village Screen Glastonbury Festival 2009.

Camp Pilton at Glastonbury Village Screen was a summer camp pilot scheme at Glastonbury Festival 2009 for developers, producers, artists and curators drawn from across the UK. It allowed a rare opportunity to experiment, play and learn developing content for outdoor screens - still under-utilised in public space but for the expanding dual network afforded by the BBC Public Space Broadcasting project and London 2012 Live Sites.

I invited Nottingham-based artist Thomas Hall to contribute with an interactive artwork. Tom and I agreed to present his piece Exquisite Corpse, which revisits the Victorian parlour game of Consequences. Itself adopted by the Surrealist art movement and applied to generate abstract images the result is a kind of misfits game splitting up the bodies of the Glastonbury visitors. Using similar methods to the premise of a folded sheet of paper passed between authors/artists, live video captured by an on-screen camera muddled contributors bodies using time delay to mix heads, torsos and legs.

Alongise Tom's piece, I carefully selected and curated a series short films and interactive works which could engage audiences of all ages and maintain the spirit of Glastonbury Festival. The resulting "Veneer" programme featured work from UK and International artists exploring the dynamics of public screen presentation and live interactions. The programme represented a range of media, from stop frame animation, short single take footage and digital interactive artworks.

Participating Artists:
Thomas Hall// JonBurgerman // Johnny Kelly// Oliver Laric// Carl Burgess// Lasse Gjertsen// Andras Ketzer// Martin Bottger// Ryan Molloy// Zurich 29// Kosai Sekine// Kristian Labusga// Josh rankin & Jerry Levitan// Joseph Mann// Tomas Garcia// Amael Isnard// Emily Birrell// Yoshiyuki Komatsu// Mizuhiro Savini.

Jun 2009

Johnny Kelly
"Procrastination": Johnny Kelly

Thomas Hall
"Exquisite Corpse": Thomas Hall

Brendan Oliver
"The Followers": Brendan Oliver