"The Status Project"

Heath Bunting

In November 2007, Trampoline celebrated 10 years of new media arts activities with a look at how artists are learning the map for this superconductive urban landscape that is emerging around us.

As part of these celebrations, Trampoline presented The Status Project by Heath Bunting at Broadway. The Status Project is an expert system for identity mutation by net art pioneer Heath Bunting, who has created a map which guides us through the process of building and modifying online information so that one might acquire actual evidence of a virtual person in the real world. The exhibition took shape in the form of a series of maps displaying the shape of individual personal portraits for both comprehension and mobility.

My responsibility was to present the work within the public spaces at Broadway and engages audiences through a number of accompanying activities including a contextual presentation of Heath's practice as part of Nottingham Trent University's live lecture series and a psychogeography walk navigating Nottingham as a system. On the Nottingham Map the institutions, shops and public buildings were logged following the itinerary of the walk, demonstrating what conditions must be fulfilled in order to engage with the services of that place and what links them with other places on the way.


Nottingham Status Map 

Installed at Broadway, 2007
"The Status Project": Installed at Broadway, 2007

Nottingham Psychogeography Walk
Heath Bunting : Nottingham Psychogeography Walk

Outlining status conditions 

Nottingham psychogeography walk