Nottingham based artist led organisation Tether were invited to co-curate the Digital Broadway programme, which follows a collaborative residency by Mockset. Exploring techniques reminiscent of early cinema they built a green screen film set and invited artists and filmmakers in to collaborate on films based on scripts derived from conversations during the residency. A selection of the results from this residency were presented on plasma screens throughout the public spaces of Broadway, including, work by Chie Hosaka and Liam Aitken.

In response to this theme animations and short films were selected from Joseph Mann, James Brown and Anthony Peskine, for their shared sense of fantasy, absurdity and a playful innocence. Using cinematic techniques reminiscent of early and amateur cinema –cut-outs, stop-frame animation, home-made ‘green screen’ effects- Tether’s commissions are beautifully awkward and imaginative. Such ideas relate closely to Tether and Digital Broadway's wider activity, in which both organisations curate exhibitions and produce work in dialogue with other outside agents where projects produced in collaboration with an emphasis on invention and inter-disciplinarity.


Mar 2009

Mockset: Tether

Joseph Mann
"Taller than Trees": Joseph Mann

Chie Hosaka
"We got up at the Wron End...": Chie Hosaka

Liam Aitken
Mockset: Liam Aitken