Thrill Laboratory: Self Examination

Thrill Laboratory's Professor of Psychophysiology, Dr Brendan Dare was called upon to perform several public Self Examinations during the 2009 Mayhem Horror Film Festival at Broadway. In collaboration with Dr Dare AKA Brendan Walker, we made a national appeal to patients who might be sensitive to the effects of repeated extreme horror. Those concerned were asked to contact the Laboratory immediately and take a confidential psychometric test. The most extreme cases were called for detailed examination at the festival. I presented the project in a visual arts context promoting and marketing the activity through the Digital Broadway brand.

“Self Examination,” was presented as an interactive experiment, performed by Thrill Laboratory to reveal selected audience members’ extreme reactions to horror. Subjects were wired into a wheelchair in order to have psycho-physiological signals, such as heart rate, sweat response and facial expressions, captured and projected real-time outside the auditorium to reveal what lies within.

Thrill Laboratory

Oct 2009