Tim Smith
"The Screen Space of the Digital Photograph"

Tim Smith’s work utilises the digital projection to engage the viewer in a new experience of the photographic image. A still image's presence on the ‘live’ screen of new media has an uncertain nature as it shares the space of digital cinema.

Exploiting our experience of the fleeting and ubiquitous screens which now litter the urban landscape, these explorations of the landscape explore notions of the temporality of photographic space through digital media. By using the inherent time based potential of the technology, Tim’s work extends still moments in time. Through the complex digital environments he creates, he aims to challenge the viewers' pre-existing understanding of photography and the moving image.

I presented a solo exhibition of works for the Digital Broadway programme including "Croagnes," "Lees Avenue" and a new untitled film shot across the vista of Sneinton, Nottingham. We experiemnted with several projection set ups during the month for presenting the work across two planes of projection and repositioning display set ups within the cafe/bar area at Broadway.

Tim Smith
Jan 2010

Tim Smith, 2008
"Croagnes": Tim Smith, 2008

Tim Smith, 2009
Mapping Cinematic Space: Tim Smith, 2009

Tim Smith, 2007
"Lees Avenue": Tim Smith, 2007